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Studies show that children who are cruel to animals very often grow up to be violent adults. Teaching children to be kind to animals and to respect them as God’s special creation is an important element in preventing violent behavior in their adult lives.

The links and resources below provide fun, imaginative, educational ways for kids to learn about the majesty of God’s creation.

Links to some of the best pages for kids to learn about animals.

Check out the coolest Web site for kids! There’s lots of fun stuff to do and free things you can get, too!

Print out a coloring book on the lives of elephants (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed—click here to get it free).

The following books illustrate the mercy and compassion for all beings that is at the heart of Islam. Adults will also find these books enlightening and entertaining.

“An exciting and colorful introduction to the world of animals, which is a hymn in itself, bringing out in full glory the wonders of Allah’s creation.” —From the back cover. For younger children.

Animals in Islam (B. Aisha Lemu)
Aimed at children ages 8-10, this illustrated book teaches kindness for animals and talks about their special lives, as well as our duties to animals. Includes an activity section to get kids thinking about animals though plays, imaginative games, poetry, and so on.

Crocodiles Pray (Amana Publications)
Jamaal’s school goes on a trip to learn that all animals worship Allah in their own special way. But only Jamaal can figure out how the crocodiles glorify God. For ages 6 and up.

Love All Creatures (The Islamic Foundation)
“… a collection of five stories from the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), showing what he taught and practiced about mercy, compassion, and kindness to all creatures of the Merciful and Mercy-Giving God. He himself has been described by the Qur'an as the Mercy for all the Worlds and Beings; his mercy extends to all creatures for all times to come, even to animals. Primarily intended for 8- to 11-year-old-children.” —From the back cover

“Vegan Children: Happy and Healthy”

Free information and materials on humane education. Join the Teachers Network.

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